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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Dateline: San Francisco

So we went off to the Presidio and found some nice, in- (and out-) budget 2-3br's. Near the beach, but way off the beaten path - only one busline. No painting or landscaping allowed (!) but brings fond memories back to Jack of his on-base daze growing up. Being that close to picnic areas and the beach would be fabu - in addition to all the forested bike and walking paths nearby. Not sure I like being that far "out" of town - but it would be keen.

Got back in touch with my friend (the artist formerly known as) Tim Burns. His parents are coming to town this week as well, so we're not likely to see him much, but I did reconnect, which is verra verra good.

Did the 49 mile Scenic Tour of the city and had a grand time - got to see neighborhoods even >>I've<< never been in. (!) And this is only Day 3!