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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
One never knows, do one?

Should we just carry around thoughts, and let them fester (engorge? tumble like gems in a ... tumbler to become more finely honed and beautiful?) or put them down somewhere (is electronic more ephemeral than paper? or ultimately moreso partaking of their similar nature as the Akashic Record?)?

One never knows, do one?

Anywho, I was thinking about our Grove (well, now and again I was thinking) and the bad (? nasty? cryptic?) post-sacrifice readings we've gotten the last two go-rounds. I guess I should locate the actual cards, but the nut of the readings were "nice try, but you're heart isn't in it."

We even voided the "return flow" on Time #1 as the reading was so negative. Oddly enuf (as we likely "didn't get it" on Time #1) on Time #2 the Queen of Cups literally >>flew<< out of the deck before the reading was done. It was negative as well, altho Barbara, our Divine Diviner, read that we should go on but we needed to get our butts in gear vis a vis more peeps.

Our tradition is that we often get Bon Mots from TPTB in addition to the (more othodox) thumbs up/thumbs down on the sacrifice. Perhaps we are treading on hubristic ground there, but it often seems to work out. Esp. as the Bon Mots are more often than not Critical Analysis of the offerings themselves, which lead back to things like "Well, I s'pose I could put more time into it... ok..." Or, the year-long Baking Geas I took on one particularly uncomfortable try at offering to Brighid (which seemed to work out ok in the long run.)

Sigh... put more polishing dust in the drum and go round some more.


Glad to see you posting. I hope to hear more from youse Wild Onioners. I've got a batch of Apple Blackberry Mead going right now, and I was thinking of you guys when I started it. Please send my best to the rest of the Grove.
I don't know anything of your particular ritual practices, but have you included a "pre-ritual" purification or cleansing rite? Sometimes its not what we consciously carry forward, but what we unconsciously drag behind us. A form of ablution may help. There is a Sufi saying in regard to pre-divination ablution "We make ourselves pure in order to more easily enter the mouth of Allah".
Just an unsolicited and completely uninformed thought :)

Be Well

Oooh... mead!

Best to da rest: will do. Our bestest ritual/event of the year is Yule, and I'm hoping against hope I can make it (going to NC to be with the inlaws for Xmas so we'll have to see about sched's) so I'll be happy to pass along the sentiments.

purification/cleansing: ya, it's in there, but be rarely do it - we haven't really noticed it is/was gone. We >>do<< try to always have a procession to move us toward (inward?) the ritual space, so you could think of that, I suppose, as fulfilling that function. Dunno, really, I could certainly pass along the thought tho.

We may have some discussion of the whole situation at Yule - I'd really rather not have Yet Another botched sacrifice at our (arguably) Biggest Thing. We have a Yahoo! Group for email communications, maybe I'll post to that and see what drops.