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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Imbolg reading

As usual, I was not looking forward to our ritual - not totally sure if it's fear, apprehension, laziness or >>what<< but there you are.

Also as usual, it was quite pleasant and peaceful - with James, Anne, Barbara, Bill and me. James did the invocation, Bill did the sacrifice and consecration and it worked out just fine. I've been handing over more and more of the "heavy" stuff to Grove members and it looks like we'll (they'll?) get along just fine.

The reading (which is problematic for us - Brighid is a finicky deity for us - we have two Brighid people but I think She expects a lot from us and we often disappoint Her) was mixed: 7 Wands (! eek!), 5 Cups (! eek!) and Queen of Cups (Yaaah!) Barbara read it as a thumbs up and noted that we beat ourselves up a bit much about our rituals, and that Brighid would like us to work harder, but not to get ourselves into a froth about it.