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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Doin's with Jack...

So Jack's coming in at 8pm tonight - hopefully we can hook up with Richard and Frank for dinner.

He's given notice and 3/15 will be his last day - we need to start working out schedules for Phase STL of The Big Move. Phase ORD will happen when he's all settled there with a job 'n such.

Hmmm... I see tomorrow is Bear Night, maybe I can convince him to go out and see peeps... he so hates the bar scene, but it will be fun To Be Seen with mah man.


Yay Jack! Hug him once and grope him twice for me, k? :D

KK, will do handsome!!

If you need to lure him out, be sure to dangle me! The Great White One and I are putting in a rare appearance tomorrow night. We'll probably get there earlyish (we're dining on Devon), but I may linger even after he leaves. Last time I went, they played surprisingly fun music, so I hung around well past midnight.


Oh to be sure! Where are you dining? you up for company? (Devon = Indian??)

Re: Dangling...

If it were just us, we'd love the company, but we'll have the GWO's shy co-worker along and we don't want to frighten him into clamming up since we're hoping to pump him about his Indian sculpture collection. He's already making noises about not coming with us to the bar afterwards.

The restaurant is Mysore Woodlands, btw--South Indian vegetarian. I plan to talk the boys into killing time afterward at a Pakistani sweet shop, lest we get to Touché too early. Might that interest y'all?