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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Jack's Last day

Well, should be interesting - this is Jack's last day at work in STL. Current plan is to get him packed up, out to SF for a week to setup stuff, then do some movin' after he stays put and we count our nickels. Currently, we maybe have enuf dough to cover a month of SF rent, but I think we'll have to look at our 401(k)s cuz I have a funny (scared?) feeling he's gonna have some trouble finding work out there.

Granted, once he's getting paid again, things will be a bit more stable for him, but the pressure goes up exponentially for me. (/squirm) I am >>so<< change averse sometimes, but moving back to the left coast to be with my hunney bear should be able to overcome any fears. Ah well... it'd be all so easy if he just moved up here - but I think that's just a cop out: I really have begun to feel I've overstayed my welcome here in chi-town, and feel the call (pull?) back to the Golden State. Too bad SF doesn't have some of the things I love here: snow, Sidetrack, GLB, Greektown, Uno's, Richard & Frank... oh well... as one door closes another opens, eh?


Thus the countdown begins to your remoofing to SF?

Looking forward to seeing you guys again!

Re: thus...

Well, it'll be JJ first, then me. Step 0 as it were... He'll be out there in a couple weeks to open accounts, sign lease and interview (hope hope.)

But ya, the glacier has begun to move - scary eh?

*hug* Good luck out there. ;o)

Tanks... but keep in mind that I'm not goin' nowhere till I meet you IRL. ;)