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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
New mobo installed

along with a new (well, kinda) install of XP. Shoulda read the shweet write up in the Ars Tech forums about it. Next time, next time. Didn't realize the AMD XP 2500 is only a 1.8g chip - :( - just need to bork the mobo to recognize it - it's running the chip at 1.1 for some reason. Oh well, still better than my 700. Also, no XT slots, so my modem (remember those?) has gone bye bye. Hmmm... I think I still need one, so I guess I need to check for PCI modems now.

New vids still not working, guess it's time for a new monitor as well. I'm thinking of putting the old mobo in my p90 machine - twould be nice to have a second machine around when plowboy is home or working on his machine.

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Well hey there, I just saw you on my friends list and wanted to say Hi. I notice you're on the well AND you're in the EQ community... have you been in eq.ind on the Well? I used to be there as (fismo) before I trimmed down my monthly expenses and the Well was a casualty (which I miss).

Anyway, hi, and since it seems you like mucking about with PC guts, you might find this intriguing, even if you are anti-Mac...


Howdy! On the Well? Ya.. but I could never get the hang of their community software - loved the 'nix and 'net access it provided and still host my webpage(s) (minimal that they are) there.

As for being anti-Mac... hehehehe... I was using Apples before the Mac was introduced :) - if I'm anywhere close to being anti-Mac it's because it killed my favorite machine - the Apple Lisa.

Thanks for the link.

Ah, I phrased that wrong... I meant "if you happen to be" Anti-Mac. But anyway, more importantly, are you gonna buy a CoreCrib? :)