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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Weekend fun and more

Jack's in town and will be for the week. I think I'll always think of Summer Solstice '03 as the start of us living together, even tho he's got his apt in STL for another month.

Saturday was ritual wit' da Onions, and got to meet some new additions to the Chicago scene. The omen was mixed (2 Swords, Ace of Pentacles and 4 Cups) but we got the go ahead anywho. Jack is sliding into a comfortable slot in the Grove altho the same can't be said for ADF. Sigh. I don't imagine anything good will come of his desire to help by being the List Master - he's already come headlong into the inertia and enablement that only ADF can be. I want to help, but not really sure if I should or just let the drama play out and let him find out for himself how much ADF really doesn't appreciate people and just chew out those willing to help.

Sunday was Ikea (wee - delivery of two tables, two chairs and a bench) which are going to be added to the apt. Wednesday portends to be crazy with rented vehicles, trip to Michigan and much to'ing and fro'ing hauling the detritus of my live hither and yon. (Where exactly >>is<< yon? And are storage spaces cheaper there?) New bathroom rug and shower curtains (and folding chairs for the back deck) all signalled Jack Is Here To Stay. I'm not sure exactly how I feel about it all, various excitements and fears and thrills abound. In many ways, life is more secure than ever before, but also more unstable. Waiting is I suppose.

OTOH, having him around is most wonderful. Between cooking and cleaning and just simply Being There is most joyous. We'll see how it goes (for both of us) as The Honeymoon Ends, but it sure is fun for now. The depth of feeling he invokes in me is both amazing and frightening - I had always assumed with Ray's death and my leaving Michigan that I'd just fall into some go-along to get-along sort of life. Ah, but the Gods had a different plan, obviously.

Current Mood: awake

It is so wonderful to hear that you two are doing so well! Have missed seeing you guys. Are you still moving to San Fran?

SF is on hold for the mo -

Jack was having problems finding work in this economy, which appears to be in even worse shape on the Left Coast. So, we moved to Plan B with him giving up his apt in STL and moving up here for the nonce.

He's looking into grad programs to do his Masters, so stay tuned!

Re: SF is on hold for the mo -

Compassionate part of my soul: Suck! I'm sorry y'all's plan A didn't wokr out.
Selfish part of my soul: W00T! When we goin' steppin'?

Very cool. I'm happy for you two. I hope you'll still be coming to the gathering this fall?

"yon" is over yonder, and storage is much cheaper there.

Methinks the current plan is to make the gather - twas a lot of fun last time and we may even be able to not scamper off so quickly cuz we'll both be going "home" to the same spot.

Barbara is worried that her new job won't allow her the time off - but we'll see. It was a big hit from our end of the pool, and we might be able to convince more Onions along.

How great that you and Jack can be together now and that it's going so well! I hope to see you both in October! Last year was a lot of fun. Oooh, more Onions! ;D

I'm sorry Jack has been caught up in the ADF grind. My optimist side hopes it works out and soon.