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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Sheep or Junkie? You make the call!

Just completed my Star Wars Galaxies purchases at EB Games. It looks to be not the best, but lots of peeps are trying it out, so why not. Hehehe... like I have all this free time to play? (Speaking of which, anyone in JumpGate?)

At least the crafting looks to be interesting/important albeit of the DAoC-clickfest variety. I may need to get one of the nifty programmable game pads I keep seeing in SLC.


Yeah I am waiting for the 2nd release, I'm hearing horror stories about server access and other things, I think if I wait two weeks it will give some time to even out, and for them to open the other servers. Any idea what server you will be trying out??

Re: SWG server

Couple of LJ bears are on Startide (sp?) and I may check out the one from MA if it's different. Dunno really - I prolly won't be playing very seriously. ;)

Re: SWG server

Yeah me Either with this house moving and all I think my summer is pretty much gone

My neighbor came over yesterday and said he blew $300 on subscription, limited edition software package, maps, and books. I didn't even know this thing was going on! (confirmed Star Wars junkie, although not much of a gamer)The website makes it look pretty awesome tho'.