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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Friday with Bingo and da Jackster

What a day, what a day.

Bingo (aka Dave, a friend from San Diego by way of EQ) got in Thursday night and we went off to Abril for dinner. Kinda windy on the patio (ooh! who knew? Windy in Chicago!) but very pleasant dinner with plowboy wherein we discovered that the Bear World is >>way<< too small for any of our sanities. ("OOh! You >>know<< him???")

Prior to all that, however, Wednesday saw us setup in a new 10x15 storage space nearby, and much of the boxes in the dining room hidden away from prying eyes. (Note to GLB: much of your BP stuff is there. See Larry for access. :) ) Thursday daytime was Peapod and IKEA deliveries and much cleaning and generating boxes for our overflowing garbage.

Note to Chi-town residents: you are allowed a 2nd herbie-curbie so don't be shy when you call 311. Also, you can put some "overflow" recycle stuff, neatly tied up, next to the hc's on pickup day. Also, sometime in the fall the Dept of Recycling will have a 'lectronics turn in day. And, amazingly enough, MicroCenter will take old 'puter equipment if it's broken or you just outgrew up and don't know what to do with it. You learn so much when you consolidate apartments...

Unfortunately, Wednesday did >>not<< see us go up to Michigan to get the dining room table, as my furniture refinisher hadn't called me back in time. So we decided that would be Friday's adventure, and we'd take Bingo along if he was willing. And therein lies a tale...

Got the ok from Mark Shneider for the pickup with some directions to his place from the Hartford storage space (cue ominous forshadowing music) and we then discovered that Friday is a Very Popular day to get moving trucks. Grrrr... We ended up reserving a one way U-Haul from Benton Harbor (that's in Michigan for the geographically impaired or those of you who aren't up to date on the riots occurring there) and headed out around noonish.

Oh, we were also accompanied by some very nice cookies from another EQ Chum named Joe (aka Eadred, aka BnB, aka Big 'N Beefy) who had mailed off a box earlier in the week. Tanks Joe! (I toyed with the idea of having him and his sometimes-surly (giggle) partner Steve meet us in Kazoo - they're in Royal Oak - but nixxed that as the day was getting way to complex as it was.)

(Cue pleasant travel music.)

Jack felt bad about forcing Bingo into a working holiday, so we ended up going up to South Haven (Suck-a-Toe was the original destination, but I mentioned we'd be all kinds of late if we did that... (cue more ominous music)) for a walk around. Got the Truck in BH (trying to make eye contact with the woofer behind the counter was unproductive - he wasn't having a good day poor thing and didn't seem up for comfort from our more-than-willing company) and ended up settling with the late rent in Hartford - just making their 6pm office closing time - and headed up to Mark's for the dressers.

(Cut to tired and dazed riders)

"Ok... I'll call him..."


(Cue triumphal music.)

"Hey Mark!" "Took ya a while!" "Ya well, if I had a brain I'd be dangerous."

We ooh'd and aaah'd the dressers, and realized we didn't bring along any blankets or bunji's to secure the things. Grrrrr. Anywho, we got back to Hartford and discovered, uh, 2 locks on the door. (insert Scooby Do "huh?" sound) Mark confirmed that there was only 1 last time he was there, and once we contacted the Emergency number for the MiniStorage ("Oh! I forgot to take that lock off!" "Uh, yup..." "Be there in 5 minutes." "KK, we'll be here") we finally got the door opened and (after more ooh'ing and aaah'ing of the dining room set) effected the switch.

Suffused with triumph, we locked away the rest of the stuff and headed out.

(Cut to tired and dazed riders staring at the miles and miles of slowed/stopped red backlights on 80/94...)

... 100 miles and 4 1/2 hours later...

We arrive at the house, unload and stow the U-Haul. Order Giordano's (that's pizza for those of you without Big Shoulders) and settled in for a Day Well Done.


Sounds like you guys have been busy.

Abril is an absolutely wonderful place to go in your neighborhood, I'm so glad plowboy introduced it to me.