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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Life goes on - and starts anew

Well, kinda dodged a bullet today at work, I had been unable to complete a task, and in typical fashion, was too embarrassed to admit it going on for so long. Sigh. But, as it happens, I was able to stay late last night and get some performance info (I needed to run some crypto tests) so it worked out. I left work running the program with double the input for a side-by-side with another vendor's code. (RSA vs. PGP for the propeller heads in the crowd.)

Hmm... hmm... hmm... sounds like the Jackster has it all in hand - we're going to pack up the truck on Sunday, and then for Monday we just move the puter stuff to Kermie and whatever bed type things into the truck and we'll be off. I was quite concerned about the packing/driving/unpacking-at-apt-and-storage we had planned for Monday, but he's planned it to happen over the course of Sunday/Monday which is tres kewl.

So the plan would be to get to Chitown sometime Monday afternoon, keeping in mind the storage place absurdly closes at 6pm. Sheesh. Granted, we only need to really worry about it this one time, but only having to drive to Chi and unpack will make hitting their closing time waaay easier.

I'm finding Eve and SWG way more interesting that EQ - in any case all online time will no doubt be curtailed in the upcoming weeks as we adjust our lifestyle(s) to the new situation. And put things away... and rearrange. Hehehehe. I just might get off to work at 8am and get home by 5pm - who can say!? (giggle) Anyone want to take bets on the amount of weight we'll gain?