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Chris Sherbak
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Chris Sherbak [userpic]
Sigh, sometimes it just don't pay to get up...

especially when dealing with internet reservation systems that don't always work.


Ya, U Haul lost the rez and offered us a 14' when we wanted a 17' and at an office far away. The Jackster is Not Pleased and we are awaiting The Next Step. We might just be doing the move Tuesday instead of tomorrow if we can't get a truck today. Plus, we had some of Jack's friends all set to help this morning and they may not be available tomorrow (it's a school day, doncha know.)

Well, we'll survive but it's just One More Thing. It'll make a Great Story, but I don't think I want to point that out to Da Jacksta just yet - he's still working thru the anger. I can likely get Wednesday off as well if we need it (TCPS Account Maintenance FCRA will just have to go on without me for another day.)